Forum Announcement: Rules & Guidelines
Entry #1:
Respect others. Everyone is expected to treat each other in the most excellent way possible. If you feel like someone is in the wrong, report the post or talk to a Staff Member. Don't feed the trolls. Don't self-moderate, that's our job. Keep spamming to the bare minimum. Avoid double posting, excess use of emoticons and images. Try to stay on topic and try to make posts that contains more than 5 words. Make every reply meaningful, if possible.

Entry #2:
No Piracy. Do not ask for ROMs, Disc Images, Illegal content. Talking and sharing patches/fixes/translations/modifications for games is fine and encouraged. YouTube links to music is still okay.

Entry #3:
Language and Mature content. Gekai is an English community. Try to keep this in mind and resort to your native language through PMs. If you have trouble understanding our rules, try to get help from a Staff Member or someone else you can talk to. Be reasonable with foul language. Mature content (pornography, shocking imagery, etc.) is not allowed.

Entry #4:
If you open a topic, put some work into it. You can see quite a few topics made by staff members, try to match the quality, it's not that hard. Give proper titles to your topics and make sure that everyone understands what the purpose of your topic is. Acronyms are discouraged.

Entry #5:
If, for some reason you think that the staff is doing something wrong... there are private messages for that. If you think the only option is to plaster the forum full of bashing staff members, you might as well just go and make a "better" forum.

These rules are the bare bones, but if you've been on the Internet for a while, you know the ropes. Don't worry if you get a warning. These are rules AND guidelines, we aren't ban hammer wielding beasts. :) Staff members might warn you for your mistakes and will probably correct them for you.
If you do something really bad, warnings will be given out first. If those fail, a Staff decision will be made. If you get banned, you'll have 2 choices: try talking to a Staff Member and see if they can figure out something or wait it out.
If you get a Permanent Ban, please do not re-register. If you find creative ways around a ban, we'll find creative ways to deal with you. (:

Gaming Discussion

This forum is for everything video game related. You can post General and Official Threads here. General Threads are for franchise-wide discussion, Official Threads are for single game discussion. Use the prefixes |GT| and |OT| to mark threads as such.
Everything else (news, trailers, etc) should be posted without prefixes.

Off-Topic Discussion:
Everything else goes here. Prefixes work all the same, just for different kinds of media.