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Atelier sofie screenshots - Alanae - 07-12-2015
translated summary:
while this the atelier series has had many forms of synthesis before, this one will will differentiate itself by using "visible" synthesis

"Visible" synthesis works like throwing various materials ts into some sort of puzzle, making it easy to understand visually.
almost like making items using materials the way you make a puzzle using puzzle pieces

[Image: mlcMElA.jpg]
Depending on the cauldron you use the size of the puzzle and/or amount of effects on the finished product vary
[Image: fPCm4Ju.jpg]
By putting items into to the bonus squares you can obtain higher quality items by getting bonus points corresponding to the square's level.
[Image: Zi8H2TM.jpg]
using the bonus points you can select the bonus effects you want.
[Image: wjsKn6V.jpg]
in the end you can pick the effects you want on the actual item like previous atelier games.

when done with alchemy, it's possible for the learning of a new recipe to have been triggered.
new other ways of discovering new recipes include using items in battle, and gathering materials from the field

Sophie starts out as a newbie alchemist, but by learning new recipes you can advance into a veteran alchemist.

As proof of this, she obtains a new outfit:
[Image: LkFeUm3.jpg]
(much better imo)

By recovering Plachta's memories, you can unlock the hidden recipes that lie within.
after your relationship with Plafta grows stronger, you unlock the Dollmake mode, enabling you to costumize her.
[Image: DebbTzR.jpg]
Doll make is the only way of changing Plachta's stats, by switching out her parts you can customize her looks and ability.
Obtaining parts can be done through alchemy, or can be found during your adventures

Party members:
Both Monika and Okcar are Sophie's childhood friends.

[Image: ZeuhAmx.jpg]
Age 17, length: 163cm Works as church assistant

Monika is good at both fighting and studies. A very serious and proper person
likes singing and occasionally trains in secret.
often comes to sophie's house to eat snacks, and uses the opportunity to clean up.
Is like a older sister.
[Image: uAWYVxE.jpg]
Uses a shortsword for rapid attacks faster than the eye can follow.

[Image: 18HidH1.jpg]
Age: 16, length 165cm Occupation: grocer.

Close friend of sophie and and son of a grocer.
A happy go lucky person that doesn't care about the small stuff.
has the ability to hear the voices of plants.
Has abundant knowledge of plants.
is lazy and has bad motor skills
often believes in things without any basis, and gets sad when proven wrong.
[Image: uHUGygy.jpg]
Oskar uses the power of plants in battles as well