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Comcept announces new game, RED ASH
Quite possibly Rockman DASH successor

Getting a serious Tatsunoko vibe from this.
Some stuff I've noticed, obvious RE DASH and Tiesel lookalike aside:
Girl in pink clothes has an emblem similar to the Bonne one.
Girl on the right looks quite a lot like Tatsunoko's Ai-chan (Yatterman series). Roll Caskett is also based on that character.
Enemy shown at 0:30 reminds me of certain Reaverbot designs.
[Image: RQxxH3H.png]
OMG, Inafune is finally doing it. First, a fan is doing MML3 and now this? Seems like MML series will never be truly forgotten. I bet that Capcom will once be sorry for giving Legends series such bad treatment.
If this comes on Kickstarter, I am definitely funding it.
[Image: profile_picture_by_oldclassicgamer-davwk07.jpg]
I wonder what kind of game this is even going to be.
to the wait mobile we go.
(07-02-2015, 10:27 PM)Alanae Wrote: I wonder what kind of game this is even going to be.
to the wait mobile we go.

Everything in the trailer points to a game very similar to the Mega Man Legends franchise. Basically, third person shooter role playing light platformer game.
[Image: RQxxH3H.png]
Kickstarter for game:
Kickstarter for anime:

While I am really excited for this, I do not like the amount I have to donate to receive physical copy. Shenmue 3 has way better deals in terms of pricing.
I also wish they used different names for Beck and Call but I understand the reason behind these names.
Tyger looks very cool IMO. I hope the both kickstarters end up successful.
[Image: profile_picture_by_oldclassicgamer-davwk07.jpg]

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